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We are a family owned business dedicated to building high quality upholstered furniture in the USA for major retailers.

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What We Do

We design and build modern, upholstered furniture such as sofas, chairs, ottomans and beds for major retailers. We are located in Grantsburg, Wisconsin and are committed to hiring and training local talent in the art of building furniture. We’re proud of this area that we call home and strive to give back to our local community whenever possible.

Finalist for Best Manufacturer
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northern furniture team
Who We Are

Dedicated to Service

Our team goes above and beyond to ensure our retailers have the best customer experience. We are fans of open communication, honesty and quality, and think of ourselves as excellent problem solvers. Our products offer the highest levels of quality, comfort, design and service in the home furnishings industry. Our parent company, Fresh Industries, has over 15 years of experience in the furniture and textile industry, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this business, even though this is a new venture in Grantsburg, Wisconsin.

We were honored to be a finalist as Best Manufacturer in the county.

a focus on retailers
Who We Serve

A Focus on Retailers

We love working with lifestyle-focused brands. We make modern furniture for retailers to sell in their stores and online - specializing in made-to-order furniture on a global scale.

Our History

Bringing the Furniture Industry Back to Grantsburg, Wisconsin

In the 1950’s, banker Walt Jensen saw the importance of bringing diverse industries to Grantsburg so the small town could truly thrive. He said, “I believe strongly that small towns can get industry, if they really want industry. They must be prepared however, to work hard, make full use of local talent, and to risk a few dollars.” In 2021, Northern Furniture Manufacturing brought the furniture industry back to life in northwest Wisconsin.



Walt Jensen and his partners started the “Bilco” (Building Industry Labor Co.) Corporation. They built a large industrial building close to downtown Grantsburg, believing in the idea that “if you build it, they will come.” Rumor had it, their plan B was to simply turn it into a roller skating rink if industry didn’t move in.



Walt and his partners went in search of a tenant and came across Knute Norenberg’s business - a wooden shutters factory in Prescott, Wisconsin. Walt convinced Knute and his partners to move their business north, and so the Norenberg family ran Northern Manufacturing for the next 60 years, making wooden shutters and furniture out of Grantsburg.



Walt’s granddaughter, Kristina, was living in Shanghai with her husband Aaron, who started Fresh Industries Limited in 2009. Fresh is a global sourcing company for home furnishings and maintains an office in Shanghai, employees and a large network of suppliers.



Fresh Industries saw an opportunity to manufacture furniture domestically and purchased Northern Manufacturing Co. from The Norenberg Family.

As Roger Norenberg, grandson of Knute Norenberg and previous part owner of Northern Manufacturing said, “You could not write a better story about how this all worked out. A true full circle moment with bringing the furniture industry back to Grantsburg - and to think it all started out with both of our grandpas.”

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Community Focused

Northern Wisconsin Proud

We’re committed to working hard, hiring local talent and risking a few dollars to bring industry back to Grantsburg, Wisconsin - just like Walt Jensen was.

Dedicated to Hiring Locally

Rural Wisconsin is filled with the hardworking individuals we want on our team. From local internships to full careers – we believe in our local talent.

Invested in the Community

We are dedicated to giving back to our local charities and community, investing in both the people and the businesses that make up the village of Grantsburg.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell to individuals?

Not at this time. We currently manufacturer and sell our furniture to major retailers.

Do you have warehouse sales?

Periodically throughout the year when we need to sell our samples.

Who do I contact to apply for job?

You can send us an email at

Do you reupholster old Northern Furniture?

Not at this time.

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